Forgotten Realms: the Elven Crusade

The Sunrise
The Party in Peril

The Sun rises on the next day and with Drizzt in the company everyone is feeling really confident. You hear a large crash coming form outside, but as you step out of the cache a Great Beast is breaking trees everywhere and has two of the elves in his hands and a quiver of arrows in its back. He sees your movement and tilts his head back and lets out a loud ferocious roar with a knick knick kah kah sound after. He throws the elves as if they are rag dolls against nearby trees and heads straight for you. As he moves the ground shakes and the rocks from the ruins above fall and block the entrance back into the cache. You are all now on the offensive. Roll for initiative.

Current Events
A wrinkle in time

Elminster a mage befriended by the goddess Mystra herself was visited by father time in the last season of this year. Father time being a being of the strings of the universe is prevented from interfering with the affairs of mortals. But when mortals interfere with the fabric of his quilt he is allowed to advise them to not do so or face the consequences of their ill made choices. Father time sat with Elminster and informed him of some very disturbing news. A drow high wizard of the black cloth of Loth had been trying to modify the spell that enchants a great bag of holding and in so doing found a way to fold space on itself thereby giving the mage a means of moving something not only into space but into time. After a considerable amount of tampering the mage was able to merge his magic with a dimension door that would take him back in time. He at this moment is conversing with Loth to go back in time and steal the Mythal from the ruins of Myth Dranor so that he could give it to the Drow leaders of the Weeping War. There by making them unstoppable and creating a means for the Drow to rule all of Faerun. Father Time has agreed to let slip how the magic itself works to Elminster if he will gather a band of willing and worthy individuals to be the First Knights of Time and go back and stop the drow from stealing the Mythal of Power and save the realms.
You have received the following letter asking you to attend a meeting with the High Arch Mage of Faerun in Shadowdale.

Dear Adventurer,
I have been told by many and few that you possess a keen eye for adventure and have proven to be a great adversary to the forces of Evil. It is with this in mind that I humbly request your attendance in a meeting that concerns the safety of Faerun. Please meet me at my Tower in the dalelands at Shadowdale in Three days’ time. If the invitation finds you unable to attend then please be careful not to trip on any toadstools lest you be turned into a frog and live the rest of your life eating fly’s. Have a nice day.

P.S. Bring something small of memorable mention to yourself.

The Party is Formed

After Traveling to Elminsters Tower The party was informed of their mission to save Faerun. They were given a chest of Items to take with them on their quest and then transported back in time to the edges of the forest near the ruins of Myth Dranor.

After meeting a Two Headed Dragon Horse in the Encircling Wood and after relieving the creature of both its heads the party heard the sounds of Marching. The pixie Bebe soared high into the sky and saw the army for what it was and all of its grandiosity. The party then decide to follow the creek near the tree line by building a Raft and taking it upstream. Where they found a water elemental who gave them a hand in getting up the river more quickly. The Party Rested and were attacked in the early hours of the morning by a huge constrictor snake. But after a hint or two from his Battle Axe Billbore Cleaved the head of the thing and the ranger cooked it up nicely and they ate it. They left some of the skin to smoke for a couple days, so should they return they would have a usable resource. As they ventured on and stopped to sleep for the night they were visited by Scarla aka Eldra a chosen of Mystra who was there to investigate the spike in the magic Spectrum. She gave the party Passage to the Ruins Safety cash and a token to get passed the High Elven Archers of the Leaf. The party was then victimized by a darkling that stole some of their things. They were able to dispatch it and unfortunately for the darkling it to was relived of its head.

After meeting the four archers of the Leaf they were guided into Keep through an outer door that was locked with a series of pictographic rune enchantments. Afterthe party had been let into the cash they looked around and found a secret door and after lighting the air on fire by lighting a match the soot covered Pixie Bebe was joined by Miles and the rest of the party in the Ball room. They were soon after greeted by Talan the Castles Stewart who asked them if they required anything them saying no he took his leave. They would see him periodically throughout their travels in the castle. The party eventually found themselves in a room containing a large oval portal. Arcanis after sending Dracula through the portal and after finding it to be safe strolled though it and the party followed. Arcanis decinding to determine what in this room might be magic he cast the spell and triggered the Mage Trap on the totems his spell was consumed powering the totem charms and summoning 5 Large Skeletons and 5 Minotaur skeletons and a Mage. The Mage attempted to protect himself with a Prismatic Sphere but was soon surprised to find that the Entish sword Wielding Paladin and the Pixie Bebe Where not having any of that and they tore through his shield without even a slow in there stride. Meanwhile the Dwarf Billbore and the Ranger Sahn dispatched some ugly spiders. Arcanis frustrated by his foolishness decided to take it out on the Skeletons and the mage and turned the heat up as he blasted through them with not one but two fireball spells taking the skeletons and the Mage to their knees. The mage seeing his predicament decided to call in reinforcements but before he could the paladin helped him pass on to the next life thereby ending the threat and the rest of the animated skeletons fell to the floor.

Then with his Mage Eyes Miles saw the ancient magics and their workings and found that he could see all manner a magical formulas and what enchantments were on the room. He found a chest and when he opened it a hand reached up and handed him a scroll. The scroll spoke of a boon that lied with a foe. With his mage eyes activated the Paladin reactivated the locked portal and they were off. Not totally unscathed as the pixie had earlier tried to find a way out and was bitten by ants and the paladin found himself stuck in a shaft very unceremoniously I might add as his hind quarters were sticking out of a shaft and Billbore had to pull him out. But we wont mention that.

After passing through the portal they moved through the hallways and foudn a room with some barrels in them that led to a trash shoot which thereby led them to the catacombs of the Castle. Thereafter they followed the pathways until they met with Telan again and a nobleman of Evil aligned goals who asked them for the passage token. Billbore wearing a disguise and mimicing Talans voice got them passed the guards and into the Lounge room where all sorts of evil Men woman and creatures were rubbing elbows and wheeling and dealing. Miles was able to converse with an agent of mystra who aggreed to meet him and the party in two days time in the Ballroom. The party then made there way back to the cash to rest and think over what they had found.

The shadow on the Sun Dial had gotten a minute bit smaller.


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